More on Federal welfare programs in AZ::
I participated in the ADES (AZ Dept of Economic Security) Block Grant Legislative Hearing yesterday. AZ gets Federal funding of about $5.5M per year that DES passes to 12 Community Action Agencies from across AZ who then partner with public, private, and faith-based entities to provide services to those below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.
The measures of success are giving out as much money to as many as possible rather than measuring how many people become self-sufficient which is the major stated goal of the program. There is no longitudinal data available about how many individuals or families have become self-sufficient since the Federal program began in 1964.
About 57% of the money is spent on emergency services such as power bills and rent to prevent eviction. Only 1% of the money goes to education and 2% goes to teaching people to use their money more wisely. Proof of citizenship is required to access this funding. There is no work or service requirement. There is no drug testing requirement.
One agency offers a program to encourage users of the program to save money. They can get up to a 3:1 match for a house, car, business, or education. The majority of the money they are saving and getting is from government assistance funds. There are very few investment opportunities for those outside the welfare system that give a 300% return on investment with no risk required.
The elderly, families, the disabled, and working people all access the system.

By kelliwardarizona

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